Hazel Davison

Studio 8

Most of Hazel’s inspiration comes from the sea, and the myriad of shapes and forms of life it supports. Her love for the sea developed from her childhood when she spent much of her free time sailing round the coast of East Anglia with her family and watching the fishermen bring home their catch. A year travelling throughout Australia and Asia allowed her an opportunity to explore scuba diving. She found getting up close to sea life an incredible experience.

The patterns used in her jewellery are taken from her sketches. These may be delicate, meditative patterns in the sand left by the receding tide, representing the sea as calming, or the bubbles left by playful surf, glistening like gems in the sun, or wild stormy patterns. The sea can be seen as tranquil, fun or even wild.

She uses hand texturing and hand weaving techniques to create her jewellery, which makes all the pieces slightly different from each other. She also sets semi-precious stones on to the pieces to enhance the patterns that she uses. She does not use any mass production techniques.

Commissions are also undertaken, as well as her own collections. So far these have included a brooch for the Sheriff of Norwich / partner to wear on special occasions, rings, pendants, bangles, engagement and wedding rings, earrings and small silversmithing pieces. Many pieces of jewellery have been created for customers. Some are from definite designs and others from just vague ideas.